Addiction Counseling

Addiction counselling is a highly specialized counselling that views addiction seriously as a disease and not just a symptom of another underlying issue without removing the fact that those underlying issues have created an impact on the person’s behaviour toward alcohol or illicit drugs.

Assessment will be done on the problems and challenges of the person that led them to use drugs. A specialized treatment plan is constructed based on the evaluation. The therapy will then aid the client through their attempts to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Recovery Coaching

A recovery coach’s focus is to support a client in pursuing their own goals by offering them the tools and guidance needed in the day-to-day process to follow the path of recovery that they have chosen.

This includes

Hafizi Harun

In-house counselor

Hafizi Harun is our licensed in-house counselor registered with the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. He is an International Certified Addiction Professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

Ashwin Thind

Recovery Support Coach

Ashwin Thind is an International Certified Addiction Professional and Recovery Support Coach with an Executive Diploma in Counselling. Currently pursuing his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Ashwin has been helping our clients as our in-house recovery coach since 2016.

Years Experience